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errors on login.
Bug #: 2234
File: Ravalox' Quest Tracker
Date: 05/25/18 06:14 AM
By: gimpanzee
Status: Fixed
user:/AddOns/Ravalox'QuestTracker/core/QuestTracker.lua:447: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/Ravalox'QuestTracker/core/QuestTracker.lua:447: in function 'QuestTracker:Initialize'
user:/AddOns/Ravalox'QuestTracker/core/QuestTracker.lua:429: in function 'QuestTracker:New'
user:/AddOns/Ravalox'QuestTracker/core/QuestTracker.lua:1940: in function 'OnAddOnLoaded'

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By: Fevix - 06/03/18 09:15 PM
An error is also thrown when a quest updates, which completely freezes the quest tracker UI until reloaded.
By: calia1120 - 01/06/19 01:57 AM
fixed, they renamed a couple of functions.