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Icompatibility with Azurah ?
Bug #: 2356
File: Wykkyd Full Immersion
Date: 12/22/18 03:32 AM
By: Toniopixy
Status: Awaiting Feedback
I think there is an incompatibility with Azurah, because i can't change the position of the compass with Azurah. Does WFI force the position of the compass ? Beacause even if i change the position of the compass with Azurah, it come back to it's original position, even if the options to lock the position are not activated.

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By: calia1120 - 01/06/19 01:56 AM
Haven't been able to reproduce it myself. Are you running any other UI addons? If you can, join the discord server and pop in a screenshot of your addon list in the Wykkyd-troubleshooting channel.