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UI issue
Bug #: 2471
File: Wykkyd Gaming Suite
Date: 07/18/19 06:45 PM
By: WellsFarg0
Status: Unconfirmed
user:/AddOns/wykkyd_core_libraries/LWF/LibWykkydFactory4.lua:673: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/wykkyd_core_libraries/LWF/LibWykkydFactory4.lua:673: in function 'ShouldBeHidden'
user:/AddOns/wykkyd_core_libraries/LWF/LibWykkydFactory4.lua:308: in function 'ToggleUIFrames'
user:/AddOns/wykkyd_core_libraries/LWF/LibWykkydFactory4.lua:7077: in function '(anonymous)'

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By: WellsFarg0 - 07/18/19 06:50 PM
The above bug occurs each time I load into the game, it does not go away when I hit "dismiss" or "x". Reloading the UI does not fix the issue.