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Roster always display
Feature #: 1538
File: Thurisaz Guild Info
Date: 09/01/16 09:33 AM
By: Mael Thagg
Status: Wont add Feature

first of all, many thanks for your great addon :)

Regarding the request, it could be cool to have a windows wich always display the roster of a selected guild. It could be a check box in the guild setting, for each ones.

The options of the window displayed could be (accessed directly in the window, as in the chat):
- display only online
- sort by name/
- maximum number of member to display
- options for position, background, fonts, colors, etc...

Hoping it's possible, thanks :)

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By: calia1120 - 09/01/16 12:02 PM
Creating a UI window is not something that will be implemented; it isn't practical due to the potential member list size.

I can look into some options for fonts, and possibly colors. You can already sort the guild roster by name, as well as filter by online status with the native interface.