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Silverweave crafted instead of Shadowspun
Bug #: 2168
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Date: 02/01/18 09:46 AM
By: Nadar
Status: Fixed
I have 2 toons that craft Shadowspun level clothing for daily writs. After todays update of the Lazy Writ Crafter, Silverweave was being crafted instead of Shadowspun. I have auto craft turned on so it would just keep crafting the silverweave pieces until I ran out of material (probably because the loop exit logic was counting down from the number of Shadowspun pieces needing to be crafted...since none were being crafted, it would loop until it ran out of material).

It does seem to craft the lvl 10 materials correctly.

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By: Nadar - 02/01/18 09:51 AM
BTW, the writ was to create Robe(x2), Breeches(x2) & Epaulets(x1). The LWC header lists Silverweave as the material it will use (as far as I can tell, the info concerning how much silverweave it wants to use and the amount available is correct...if the writ was actually for silverweave pieces that is)
By: Dolgubon - 02/01/18 01:07 PM

Thanks for letting me know about the bug. I made some changes to how the writ crafter tells the game what level of item to create, in preparation for Dragon's Bones. (in which the previous method will no longer work) I'll look into it, and should be able to get it fixed.
By: Dolgubon - 02/01/18 02:07 PM
The bug should be fixed now.