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Set Crafter Queue Issue
Bug #: 2250
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter
Date: 06/05/18 08:19 PM
By: IcyDeadPeople
Status: Unconfirmed
It seems that even if queue is set with the "Use Mimic Stone" checkbox toggled, the queue still performs some sort of check that requires the regular style stone in inventory in order to commence crafting the tiems.

I set up queue for several items in Mazzatun style and Draugr style. I did not have any of these two style stones, however, I activated the toggle to use Crown Mimic stone when adding the items to queue.

When I interacted with the crafting station, the queue would not commence. It worked fine when I tried other styles using stones I did have in inventory. Also, after obtaining a few of the Mazzatun and Draugr style stones I was able to start the mimic stone queue.

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By: IcyDeadPeople - 07/10/18 11:03 PM
Just wanted to let you know I tried this again today, crafting Pyandonean staff and Scalecaller staff. I don't have any of the style stones for those motifs, but I do have some mimic stones in inventory. The queue would not commence when I interacted with the crafting station. Then later after obtaining the appropriate style stones (infected flesh and sea serpent hide) in my inventory as well, then finally the queue would commence.

In other words, even if you check the box for "Use Mimic Stones" the queue will not start if you have some mimic stones but zero of the actual style material in inventory.