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Enchant Master Writ
Bug #: 2351
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Date: 12/08/18 11:10 AM
By: sindarin
Status: Unconfirmed
hi, I was making a glyphs for Master Writ by ur addon, and I clicked for a mistake MW for Prismatic Def, I didnt want to do it so Ive abandoned that quest and took another for different glyph, but when I went to ench. station, addon made both that glyps, first that abandoned for Prismatic and than right after that one I got on. When I finished with Master Writs I went to bank to check if Ive got still some MW for that glyph, I had so I took one more and took that quest, but even if I had excatly the same glyph it didnt work with that MW so I abandoned it again and went to station to deco the other glyph, but AGAIN ur addon made automatically glyph from quest I didnt even had anymore in QLog :s