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Told to update addon, even though I have.
Bug #: 2488
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Date: 08/24/19 01:02 AM
By: drakeotomy
Status: Unconfirmed
Hi, sorry to take up some time, but I've been having trouble with the Lazy Writ Crafter addon for a couple of weeks. I'm continuously told to update it, despite having the newest version.

I just tried to use it again to make sure I had an accurate account of what happened. When I tried crafting a daily writ at a woodworking bench, the crafting sound played once, like usual, but the selected category buttons (refine & raw materials) flash. Every time they flash, "Please update your addons" appears in my chat window, and I am told the necessary raw materials i need to craft the objects weren't found. It then kicks me off of the crafting screen.

I know I have the materials, and have updated to the newest version of the addon available through minion, so I'm pretty confused.

Hopefully it's not something that's too much trouble to fix.