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Deconstruction becomes stuck on type
Bug #: 2535
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Date: 11/23/19 01:19 AM
By: Emjay_moon
Status: Cant Reproduce
Over half the time when I deconstruct items, the type of items becomes stuck on whatever crafting type I first deconstructed no matter which station I am using. For example if I deconstruct items at the clothing station and then go to the jewelry station when I click on the deconstruct tab the clothing items come up not the jewelry. All of the other tabs look right. I have had this happen with clothing, woodworking, metalworking and jewelry. The only way I have been able to correct this is by reloading the ui or disabling Lazy Writ Crafter. If I leave LWC disabled I no longer get the error no matter how many times I deconstruct at the stations but it is a pain to have to re-enable it every time I want to do writs and then remember to turn it off before I start deconstructing on each of my 18 characters.