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Language error pops up and stacks lua errors.
Bug #: 2538
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter
Date: 12/02/19 05:32 PM
By: Walkr
Status: Unconfirmed
Hello, Thank you for this awesome addon. I am having problems today, with pop up error saying writ crafter does have necessary patch for KR. I do not have game set to KR it is English. The pop up stacks lua errors and stays on my screen. I cannot remove it. Can someone please help me fix this?

user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:385: function expected instead of nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:385: in function 'writSearch'
|caaaaaa<Locals> W = [table:1]{}, anyFound = F, i = 1, Qname = "Bloodthorn Assassins" </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/QuestHandler.lua:225: in function 'calculateDistance'
|caaaaaa<Locals> watchedZones = [table:2]{}, zoneIndex = 466, zoneId = 849, _ = 849, x = 1152, _ = 11547, y = 7689, dist = 60447825 </Locals>|r

Also the pop up stays on screen saying to change language to something else via /scrip.... But I am running game on English not sure how to stop the lua popups.