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Bug #: 2110
File: Dungeon Tracker
Date: 11/08/17 02:20 AM
By: Octopuss
Status: Not a Bug
I am not sure whether I am doing something wrong or not. I don't see any extra delve tooltips. According to the options it seems like I should see what character did I finish delves on, but there's nothing.

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By: Phinix - 11/08/17 02:45 AM
You need to have discovered the location of the delve on the character you are trying to check on. If you are using Destinations to show undiscovered delves, the extra information will not appear in the tooltip until you have actually visited the delve in question and seen the 'discovered' message.

Other than that, make sure the appropriate Delve options are on under the expandable Map Options section of the addon settings. Let me know if that helps!
By: Octopuss - 11/09/17 01:46 AM
I'm talking about delves I already completed There's just no tooltip whatsoever.
I have all of the addon settings set to on.
I even disabled all addons and left only Dungeon Tracker active, and there are still no tooltips over delve icons.
By: Phinix - 11/09/17 10:37 AM
Are you talking about delves like the ones with the torch icon on the map or the Public Dungeons that have the group challenge skill point and several other bosses? The addon doesn't track normal delves, only Public Dungeons, group dungeons, and trials.
By: Octopuss - 11/09/17 12:11 PM
Aha, that explains. You might want to edit the settings then, because it clearly says "delves", which is misleading.