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I think some of the ID's are off using the debug abilityID
Bug #: 2116
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker
Date: 11/11/17 01:13 PM
By: BioKem1
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Addon can't find some id's I have tried.

Minor slayer [98103], inner light/magelight major prophecy [77928]/[77955] are couple that I have found so far. I just like to place some of the constant buffs either on the blacklist or in another group than the rest of the temporary buffs. Is there a list somewhere that shows the current ability id's? No complaints though and thank you for all your hard work! Best, BioKem

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By: Phinix - 11/11/17 02:45 PM
The generic effects like Minor X and Major Y have literally dozens of different ability ID's. You would have to blacklist all of them. You could try adding them to the blacklist by name, as that should find all the ID's for those effects.