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1 Debuff and 1 Proc not mentioned by addon
Bug #: 2135
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker
Date: 12/02/17 01:25 PM
By: Micke2nd
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Hi Phinix,
very nice addon that i've used for long, thnx, and both bugs not critical

I wear "Lord Warden Dusk" monster set. At screenshoot you can see the blue orb, which is the proc (+resistence). Srendarr dont mention the proc. I enabled debug as u can see in the chat, seems game doesnt send this event, right ?

At screenshot u also see the debuff "FESTGEHALTEN" on me (game message) - in english it means holded/kept. In addition to the textmessage the game marked my legs with that white steam.
Srendarr dont mention that debuff.

Oh, i cant add the screenshot. I could send it by email, shell i ?

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By: Phinix - 12/16/17 01:40 PM
Please send screenshots!
By: Micke2nd - 12/16/17 04:24 PM
to :-) ?
because if i click on your profile: "Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails."
By: Phinix - 12/17/17 07:09 AM
Can you just upload them to imgur.com and post the link here? Really I just need to know the ability IDs but it would help to see the visual effects as well.
By: Phinix - 12/17/17 07:10 AM
Lord Warden Dusk I should be able to add in the next update. I have that set so I can get the ID for that on my own. Or I could jump on the PTS.
By: Micke2nd - 12/26/17 02:32 PM
ok, iam back with imgur :-)