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Not functioning properly (details inside)
Bug #: 2201
File: EZReport
Date: 03/29/18 06:41 PM
By: Devolus
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Originally Posted by HowellQagan
I'm not sure what's happening but it totally ignores the cooldown function for me. I know I've already reported this bot a few mins ago but it still opens the window if I press the addon keybind for it. Also doesn't show any info regarding having this player reported already the addon description says. The addon works because it can generate the text for reports but the functions about tracking previous reports just seem broken for me. There are no UI errors though so I have no idea what is up with that.
Same issue here. Cannot report a large group of bots because the addon's cooldown function is broken.

Edit: Tried opening the UI window by typing /ezreport and first 3 times didn't work. 4th time opened, but the "Reports by Account" section was blank. The "Reports by Character" section generates a list of the reported characters and account that I reported with the addon, but clicking the names on the left panel does not display any info in the right panel. The "Reports by Location" displays the proper location I had reported and clicking on the location does generate the log of reports for the zone. But the window (Account Unavailable) after character name and @name. And the shortcuts in the database edit mode do not work at all.

Also I received this LUA error upon clicking a few times on a character in the database edit mode in the "Reports by Location" section

Lua Code:
  1. user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZGUI.lua:553: attempt to index a nil value
  2. stack traceback:
  3.     user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZGUI.lua:553: in function 'EditButtons'
  4.     user:/AddOns/EZReport/bin/EZGUI.lua:697: in function 'EZReport.XMLNavigation'
  5.     EZReport_MainFrame_ListFrame_EditBox1Row1_Name_MouseDown:3: in function '(main chunk)'

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By: Phinix - 04/01/18 02:58 PM
With regard to the report cooldown not working... I just logged in and test this and it is working fine for me. The only thing I can think of is that there is some strange character in their name, though that shouldn't be causing issues either.

Is it possible you could 1) check the name of the character in question and PM to me if it has any special letters 2) double check that reporting cooldown is set to On and 3) move your \Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\SavedVariables\EZReport.lua to a backup location BEFORE logging in to the game and try again with a fresh settings file?