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ignore extreme short buffs
Feature #: 1488
File: Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker
Date: 07/01/16 12:46 AM
By: Scootworks
Status: Under Review
since the last few updates srendarr shows very short buffs (<1.5s) in my buff bar... These buffs are not important and i don't want to set them all to blacklist. here are three possibilities:

Option 1
it depends what the users want. if nobody Needs it, just set it to Default ignore list in lua. i already have a lot of id's.

Option 2
add a slider to srendarr options: ignore auras between 0.1-2.5sec (default 2)

Option 3
define ignored auras < 2 seconds in lua

... my favourite is Option 3
i think no "normal" buff is lower than 2 seconds?!

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By: Scootworks - 08/08/16 11:34 PM