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Last logged in character (hours before) shown as name in chat after login with new char
Bug #: 2400
File: pChat
Date: 03/22/19 05:28 AM
By: Baertram
Status: Unconfirmed
Hey there,

I just logged in with a new toon. But if I write to the chat the name of my last logged in character (hours before) is shown in the chat?

What I did after login:
-Did not write to chat or do naything else. Just coillected a flower in front of me (harvest)
-Enabled another addon and did reloadui
-Posted to guild chat: Name was wrong

Char name of currently logged in char: Glacies
Char name of logged out char hours before: Gora Arau
I did not login with another char in between!

My savedVars of pChat so you can have a look into this issue:
SV file

Hope it helps finding the bug!