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French Translation correction
Feature #: 386
File: LoreBooks
Date: 05/22/14 05:54 PM
By: Brett'el
Status: Feature Implemented
Ykses make a mistake in his translation for the world map filters

He wrote (line 48 to 51)

--worldmap filters
Add("LBOOKS_FILTER_UNKNOWN", "Livres collect\195\169s")
Add("LBOOKS_FILTER_COLLECTED", "Livres inconnus")

instead of

--worldmap filters
Add("LBOOKS_FILTER_UNKNOWN", "Livres inconnus")
Add("LBOOKS_FILTER_COLLECTED", "Livres collect\195\169s")

I corrected it my self but for the other french player that could be cool to fix ;)
Thanks for your work :)

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By: Garkin - 05/22/14 06:30 PM
It looks like my copy&paste error, I will fix it in the next update.