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Update to LibAddonMenu-2.0
Feature #: 430
File: Dustman
Date: 06/11/14 12:08 PM
By: Sephiroth018
Status: Feature Implemented
Please update to LibAddonMenu 2.0. One of the most annoying problems of LAM 1.0 is the error when creating too many controls at once, which can lead to addons only partially working until several reloadui-commands (I usually have to do that 2 times each login).
Link to Seerah's documentation for LAM 2.0

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By: Garkin - 06/11/14 12:24 PM
I have tried to update to LibAddonMenu-2.0 but it does not work, so I'm waiting for fix.
Check bug reports for LibAddonMenu-2.0 on Seerah's portal.
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/12/14 01:56 PM
Copied from the other feature request, because I'm posted this to the wrong addon...

Just tried converting it myself with LAM 2.0r2 (outdated, I know) and it seems to work. Here is a (mostly) working version: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=19BA2FEDD38D5C57!2684&authkey=!AOmGBpOHz37OuNk&ithint=file%2c.rar
I just tried the settings for itemized list and summary on sell, they both worked.
Resetting to default worked, but didn't show the new values until after switching to another panel and back, but maybe I'm not using that correctly.
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/12/14 02:04 PM
I've found and fixed the default value error and updated LAM to 2.0r4, everything seems to work.
Link hasn't changed.
By: Garkin - 06/12/14 02:35 PM
Right now I'm trying to update LoreBooks to LibAddonMenu 2.0:

By the way this is my local copy of Dustman (with LAM 1.0):
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/13/14 10:40 AM
Really nice work, SkyShards and LoreBooks already updated
Your upgrade for Dustman is also great, nice new features. I'm currently converting the menu to LAM 2.0r5 and will then post it here.
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/13/14 12:04 PM
I've now nearly successfully converted the menu to LAM 2.0r5.
One none-blocking LAM 2.0 bug I found is that the quality levels don't display in the right order in LAM 2.0 because the dropdown automatically sorts itself. I requested the feature to let us set if we want that auto-sorting or not: http://www.esoui.com/portal.php?id=5&a=viewfeature&featureid=454
Another none-blocking, purely cosmetical LAM 2.0 bug I found: http://www.esoui.com/portal.php?id=5&a=viewbug&bugid=841

Link to the converted version: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=19BA2FEDD38D5C57!2686&authkey=!AAuhj8Zwfas7WJQ&ithint=file%2c.rar

Btw your code for creating the item quality arrays is zero based (the eso api itself here too it seems), which causes the quality level "Trash" to not be shown in the dropdowns (maybe intended?). Lua normally bases it's indexes on 1 and LAM follows this rules (true for 1.0 too).

I also left the LAM 1.0 menu in for easy comparing and testing.
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/14/14 08:09 AM
Ignoring the sorting has been implemented by Seerah with r6, so only the cosmetical bug is left. I hope you don't mind that I gave Seerah a link to my edited version for easier bug finding/fixing for that bug (I mentioned you as the author).
By: Garkin - 06/14/14 09:05 AM
As for the trash quality - It is intended that it is not shown in dropdown. All quality dropdowns are for items which doesn't exists with trash quality.
By: Garkin - 06/14/14 10:38 AM
Updated version:
(or http://www.firedrive.com/Garkin)
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/14/14 11:30 AM
I've downloaded it and will start testing it in the next hours.
Btw, I used the previous version for some time now, it seems to work, no errors encountered.
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/15/14 04:46 AM
And the cosmetical bug was fixed too (not released yet): http://www.esoui.com/portal.php?id=5&a=viewbug&bugid=841
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/15/14 04:48 AM
Btw, I couldn't test the last update yesterday, got sidetracked from writing a complete converter...
By: Sephiroth018 - 06/15/14 06:59 AM
No bugs so far, menu seems to be working fine as does the rest.