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WritWorthy makes too many poisons
Bug #: 2298
File: WritWorthy
Date: 08/21/18 01:19 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Fixed
Obsolete bug as of Update 21/4.3.0/Wrathstone: As of Update 21, Poison writs will require 16x, not 20x, poisons. I'll update WritWorthy to make a single crafted batch of poisons.

12x extra poisons
Poisons are created in batches of 16x. But master writs require 20x. So WritWorthy ends up making 2*16=32x poisons. You end up with 12x extra poisons.

Sell these excess to an NPC vendor to recover a few gold.

24x extra poisons, what a waste!
If you have two or more identical poison writs, then WritWorthy will make 32x poisons for each writ, leaving 12x extra poisons. This leaves you with enough extra poisons that you could have skipped at least one poison crafting attempt and saved some crafting materials.

Known and annoying.

But I have no intention of ever fixing this or enhancing WritWorthy to detect this. It would require several days of design and code work, and introduce several weeks of bugs. Do I really want to work that hard just to save somebody else a few hundred gold's worth of Nightshade? No. No I do not. Sell the excess to an NPC. Or better yet, uncheck one of the poison writs in the WritWorthy window to avoid unnecessary crafting.

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By: ziggr - 03/20/19 04:57 PM
2019-03-20 Closing as "fixed" because as of Update 21/4.3.0/Wrathstone, Poison writs require 16x, not 20x poisons, so no more leftover poisons.