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Support mimic stones
Feature #: 1720
File: WritWorthy
Date: 08/21/18 01:12 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Under Review
Use mimic stones when auto-crafting master writs if no style materials left in bag/bank/craft bag.

Would be helpful. Certainly saves me a trip to a guild store to pick up the necessary materials on the rare occasion when I run out of materials.

But also treads dangerously close to adding inventory management/scanning to WritWorthy, which is something I am loathe to do. So I'm not implementing for now.

Onigar suggests: option to set a gold value for style stones so for example the more costly style stones could be replaced by Mimic Stones.

2019-02-23 Onigar requested, with gold threshold.
2019-01-26 cbankston requested.
2018-11-24 Shadowshire requested.
2018-08-21 FWSWBN requested.