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Support mimic stones
Feature #: 1720
File: WritWorthy
Date: 08/21/18 01:12 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Feature Implemented
Use mimic stones when auto-crafting master writs if no style materials left in bag/bank/craft bag.

2019-06-12 Partially implemented in 5.0.11: new "Use mimic stone?" checkbox column. Would still like to add UI settings to automatically select that checkbox for style mats over some gold cost, or if inventory lacks that mat. Leaving feature request open until I figure that out.

Would be helpful. Certainly saves me a trip to a guild store to pick up the necessary materials on the rare occasion when I run out of materials.

But also treads dangerously close to adding inventory management/scanning to WritWorthy, which is something I am loathe to do. So I'm not implementing for now.

Onigar suggests: option to set a gold value for style stones so for example the more costly style stones could be replaced by Mimic Stones.

2019-06-11 sirinsidiator requested.
2019-02-23 Onigar requested, with gold threshold.
2019-01-26 cbankston requested.
2018-11-24 Shadowshire requested.
2018-08-21 FWSWBN requested.