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Automate dialog with Rolis
Feature #: 1721
File: WritWorthy
Date: 08/21/18 01:28 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Wont add Feature
Turning in dozens (hundreds!) of completed master writs is tedious.
  1. open inventory
  2. 'E' use sealed master writ
  3. 'E' accept writ quest
  4. repeat steps 2-3 for each crafting type
  5. close inventory
  6. 'E' interact with Rolis
  7. complete quest
  8. 'E' accept quest reward
  9. repeat steps 7-8 for each quest
  10. close Rolis interaction
  11. repeat steps 1-10 as long as you have sealed master writs with auto-crafted items

Yeah. Mechanical and boring. A whole lot of I E E E I E E E ugh.

2019-11-08 Won't implement. A partial implementation exists in WritWorthy_AutoQuest.lua, but is incomplete and I don't plan on ever completing it.
  • UI: no easy way to start or stop other than /writworthy auto
  • Error checking/reporting/avoiding. If things go wrong, you need to know how to code and debug WritWorthy. Blech.
  • Automation stalls if you have multiple sealed master writs in inventory and some of them are not completed or missing crafted items.

Mostly implemented as of 4.1.2 2018-07-24. But untested and unsupported, so I'm leaving this disabled in the public release.
Only works for US English, as I have to match text strings from Rolis' dialog and crafting quest names.