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Indicate which crafting stations to visit
Feature #: 1722
File: WritWorthy
Date: 08/21/18 01:34 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Feature Implemented
In a guild hall with all 44x4 attuned crafting stations, display some sort of indicator to tell me where to go next to craft my next item.

Could use some sort of 3D indicator similar to how Shinni's HarvestMap shows markers over resource nodes.

2018-08-21 ziggr: exploring 3D API.

Known issues:
  • Players cannot iterate the furnishings in homes they do not own: so scanning for the Hunding's Rage stations is impossible.
    • Workaround #1: the home owner could email a compressed list of locations that guildies could add to their SavedVariables.
    • Workaround #2: any player could walk around a house, interacting with stations, to teach WritWorthy where each station existed.

2019-06-04 Implemented in 5.0.9 with HomeStationMarker