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AwesomeGuildStore filter: checkbox for
Feature #: 1749
File: WritWorthy
Date: 07/06/19 10:43 AM
By: ziggr
Status: Under Review
When shopping guild stores for writs, let me filter out all the writs that require motifs I do not know, or require crafting skills I do not have.

ZZ: Seems possible. I already have the writ parsed, its material and knowledge list available.
  • UI requires new code: cannot reuse AGS's existing filter UI ValueRangeFilterBase I do now. The additional Y-axis space for the checkbox might cause a scrollbar.
  • Filter code might require additional cache code, too: know-list calcs are O(n) operations called once per-row. Cache on calc, reset on some AGS event, maybe SEARCH_LIST_CHANGED?
2019-07-06 Myrthian requested