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Custom Price Table
Feature #: 1753
File: WritWorthy
Date: 09/26/19 08:59 AM
By: Akillibirisi
Status: Feature Implemented
I've had a few requests and thoughts around material prices over the last year or so:
  • player-specified prices
  • preferred priority list for which pricing sources: MM, ATT, TTC, player
  • preferred priority list for fields within those data sets: TTC.avgPrice, TTC.suggestedPrice
  • different priorities for different categories: MM first for mats, TTC first for gear, player price for bait

Not sure if or how to deal with this yet. I suspect I'd want to add UI to LibPrice and let folks set the priority order and/or custom prices there.

All of this quickly becomes an overwhelming amount of design and work for the tiny incremental improvement in price accuracy, so then I stop thinking about it and hope for a brilliant insight some future day.

For today, if you really want custom prices:
  1. Edit WritWorthy_Price.lua to specify your prices.
  2. Edit WritWorthy_Util.lua function Util.MatPrice(link) to comment out its call to LibPrice so that WritWorthy uses only your prices.

2019-11-06 Implemented in WritWorthy 5.2.2: "Use LibPrice" checkbox lets you disable MM/ATT/TTC prices in favor of hardcoded prices. If you want to edit the hardcoded prices, edit WritWorthy_Price.lua . I will never add an in-game editor UI for these prices.
2019-11-04 selen67 requested
2019-09-19 Akillibirisi original requested:
Originally Posted by Akillibirisi
I'm not much of a fan of MM or TTC. I use them but they don't always present accurate values for my calculations but just approximate value range for items. If possible, I'd want to adjust cost of each material in writs myself. Namely, I'd like to force it to use the default price table in WritWorthy_Price.lua while using both MM and TTC.

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By: ziggr - 09/26/19 10:27 AM
2019-09-26 zig: Interesting idea. Maybe a checkbox somewhere for "ignore MM/TTC/ATC" which then causes WritWorthy to skip the LibPrice check and go straight to the hardwired price table. Hmm.
By: Akillibirisi - 09/26/19 12:29 PM
That sounds like much better, especially if it takes effect directly without having to reload UI. Writ returns also award 300 golds which affords some of the material price. So some of them are negligible. That's the reason number one I'd like to adjust them manually. Lowering some of the material prices and even neglecting some of them entirely enables us to buy even more master writs with the same budget.
By: Akillibirisi - 11/05/19 11:40 AM
Thank you for your reply. But I don't seem to have figured out which section to comment out exactly. I tried commenting out many elements each under "function Util.MatPrice(link)" in WritWorthy_Util.lua but it all messed it up.

Could you please explain it in more detail ?