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Criteria for auto-selecting writs for auto-craft
Feature #: 1755
File: WritWorthy
Date: 10/28/19 07:41 PM
By: ziggr
Status: Under Review
  • Only want to select inexpensive writs for auto-crafting?
  • Want to find writs with expensive style mats that could be replaced with a mimic stone?

Right now, you manually scroll through the /writworthy window and click the ones that match your criteria.

But if we had some sort of filter UI in the /writworthy window... ?

Could have a collapsable section with criteria fields that would show/hide match/not match.

2019-10-28 I'm not in a huge hurry to implement this: it takes days to code a feature like this, only to save a few minutes of scrolling and clicking. So I'll never see enough of a benefit from this feature to make it worth my time.