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Rules List Goes Bye-Bye After 40+ Filters
Bug #: 2065
File: JunkBuster
Date: 08/31/17 11:19 PM
By: Psyche
Status: Unconfirmed
I am experiencing an issue with the settings menu interface. The addon works well with most of the rules I have set. I am easily able to set up to about 40 rules to use. After that it gets weird on me. There is a bug in the UI. Somehow ALL the rules that have been set up will disappear completely from JunkBusters settings GUI (under 'RULES', Apply the first rules that match the item:'). They will still function as intended and I can even add new rules too, which will work as intended as well. But I will be unable to SEE any of them - the list of rules will vanish completely, yet still function correctly. Further, the only way to restore the visual of your list is to delete enough rules to bring you below it's acceptable amount again using the Delete rule [#]/Remove options in the settings, or by editing the SavedVariable JunkBuster.lua file and doing /reloadui ingame. This makes it hard to keep track of filters or forces you to remove some if you want to keep your list visually in the settings menu.

40 rules or less:

Example of where the problem comes in:

40+ rules will work but are not shown. You get this, no list to read from anymore:

I hope some of my incite was helpful and that an update will soon include a fix for this, which would polish up the one and only bug with the addon I could find thus far. IMO this addon is the best loot management solution for ESO and I would enjoy seeing it continue to develop. Thanks for your time and consideration. -Psyche

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By: Psyche - 09/01/17 05:14 AM
Specifically 42 rules can be set, any more causes the bug (list will vanish).
By: Atoom - 09/10/17 02:54 AM
Resolved (Sorta)