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Rules are getting scrambled
Bug #: 761
File: JunkBuster
Date: 05/29/14 12:58 PM
By: Fing3rz
Status: Unconfirmed
I use about 25 rules total. A mixture of Keep, Junk, Destroy. Recently my Keep rules are getting screwed up. Ex: I create a rule to keep all arcane quality items. It adds it and everything's fine. Then I reloadui or relog and check the rule i just created. it shows keep all arcane quality tools. umm no!? And thats just one example. Similar things happen to several of my keep rules and junk rules. Destroy rules I'm using seem to be fine.

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By: Fing3rz - 05/29/14 01:34 PM
I removed all default rules from JunkBuster.lua and my rules seem to be working properly.
By: Fing3rz - 05/29/14 01:48 PM
I realize this is not the solution but it seems to temporarily fix the issue.