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05/25/14 08:43 PM by: Ragetti
I shipped some modifications to LibAddoMenu in 1.2, I removed the modifications and updated to new version

Added a refresh to the controls to the party enable/disable, least now one can just toggle it to get proper names to show.

Still hoping they will fix the group message problems in the client.
05/25/14 08:16 PM by: Ragetti
Fixed an issue with name caching.

Still trying to find a solution to when client group messages are not delivered.

Current work around is to reload addons / reloadui after joining a group.
05/23/14 06:05 AM by: Ragetti
Version 1.1
Added more graphics
Added slider for changing the update rate
Changed Edit box to a dropdown for group member seletion

Know issue:
Sometimes the group member selector does not update, this seems to be a problem with the new patch where group update messages are not always sent. I am still looking into this.

Work around:
05/17/14 08:02 AM by: Ragetti
I have released version 1.0

I have added:
* Multiple party member marking
* Performance updates
* New options to tailor how the mark is shown
* Auto name completion for adding party members
I am getting very close to releasing a new version that supports multiple party marks in addition to the leader mark. I have also improved performance and cleaned up code.

Please post any questions/bugs, I check this site often.

- Ragetti