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08/03/15 02:53 AM by: Randactyl
Hello everyone!

I have no idea who will even read this besides myself, but I wanted to put together my goals for addon updates by August 31st.

Advanced Filters
  • Quickslot list support
  • Subfilters at guild store
  • Update level filters
  • Other small fixes

Inventory Grid View
  • Extend grid view to store, buyback, and quickslot lists
  • Hunt for reported tooltip offset bug
  • Other small fixes

Item Saver
  • Near complete rewrite
  • Create an "infinite" number of different sets to save items to
  • API to register custom icons to use for sets
  • More filter options

Mute Player
  • Add UI to manage who you've muted

Research Assistant
  • TBD

Even if not explicitly listed, all of my addons will at least get compatibility updates.

Hope to see everyone back in Tamriel soon.
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01/27/15 12:25 PM by: Randactyl
Happy patch day everyone!

I'll be living on PTS for the foreseeable future, working on fixing and updating the addons in my charge as well as playing around with all of the new systems.

I'll be releasing 1.6 compatible versions for your use on the PTS in some fashion. Maybe we can make spending time on PTS a little less painful for those of us who have become dependent on addons

That being said, please make an effort to play on the PTS as much as you can! Providing useful data and feedback to ZOS betters our experience with the game in the long run.

Happy adventuring,
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11/25/14 02:24 AM by: Randactyl
Hello to anyone that has made it here to read this!

I'm sorry I haven't been around the last few weeks to work on addons and help with things. I've been trying to get through midterms and school work and just have not had time to code, let alone even play ESO.

I just want to assure anyone who might be wondering that I have not abandoned anyone or anything. I will be back once the dust settles on my end

Specifically, when I return my first priority will be to catch up on and contribute to the already awesome work Baertram and Circonian have been doing with libFilters recently. Thank you very much guys! Secondly, I will go over Advanced Filters and Item Saver to see if any optimizations can be made due to any potential modifications to libFilters. Thirdly, I will return to Inventory Grid View to further address hanging problems due to inventory slot updates (switching mounts) as well as revisiting item tooltips anchored to the beginning of a row.

Lastly, I just saw that ggFrames got an update so I will not be plugging along on my successor qqFrames. I'll continue to work on it now and then as it gives me an outlet to learn more of the UI side of things, but right now I think it's doubtful I would release it unless ggFrames went under again and there was no similar alternative.

Anyway, I look forward to having time to return here and to Tamriel

edit: a big thank you to merlight as well! I had not initially noticed his contributions when I glanced at the thread, but he took care of a lot of the libFilters work already
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06/20/14 09:16 PM by: Randactyl
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