Attention Faithful Wykkyd and Ravalox addon users:

I wanted to let everyone know I am still here and will still be maintaining the addons in my care.
I have been virtually offline for the last few months due to the catastrophic failure of my (new) rig. After many (and repeated) RMAs I still have a problem with my ASUS Maximus Extreme VIII motherboard. ASUS already repaired it, but the same issue has returned, so it must go back again. (these issues have been going on since April 9th!!)

Until I have my rig back online, my ability to get in-game to actively test and develop is non-existent. I will still be working on critical bugs and issues with the help of Calia who has generously offered to be my eyes and ears for game breaking items. She and I will work together until I can once again move forward on my own.

I appreciate your patience and always welcome feedback; just keep in mind that new features may be put off for a while at this point.

I will update this post when I have resolved my issues ... Anyone have a sledge hammer handy?


As you all may already be aware, Wykkyd is working on an exciting new (non ESO) project and is transitioning all of the Wykkyd AddOns to Balkoth and myself.

We are currently auditing each of them and will be publishing updates shortly.

Many thanks to the community who has provided workarounds or fixes for some of the issues seen. We will be sure to give credit where these snippets are used.

Once we have everything operational, we will look at adding features where required.

Please be patient as we get this all sorted ...

Ravalox and Balkoth