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    04/30/14 05:46 PM by: pjt15253
    This is a small release containing heuristic updates, a new ignore list clearing button, and hopefully addresses the hard crash issue some users have been experiencing.
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    04/23/14 04:34 PM by: pjt15253
    SpamFilter 1.9 is out! This adds the ability to to filter guild invites as well as mail and chat messages. See the changelog for full details.
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    04/15/14 07:26 PM by: pjt15253
    Small update this go 'round. Better heuristics (though they're still experimental), and added a filter for custom colors in chat. SpamFilter can now ignore people who use them, or just strip them out of the messages (default). Or, of course, you can just turn this feature off. The choice is yours!
    Thanks to the efforts of Puddy (author of pChat), SpamFilter is again compatible with pChat! Just update SpamFilter and pChat to their latest versions (version 1.7.2 for SpamFilter) and you should be good to go!
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    04/10/14 05:41 PM by: pjt15253
    Good news everyone!

    SpamFilter 1.7 has been released! This version adds new features I've been getting a few requests for:

    -Mail Scanning: Now scans your mailbox whenever you open it. (NOTE: Does not delete spam messages. You still need to be able to report these people with a simple press of F1)
    -Message Truncation: You can now have SpamFilter truncate or even completely ignore the chat message that triggers a rule! (NOTE: Due to this change, SpamFilter will probably not work with pChat or XTimestamp).

    There are a couple other changes, but y'all can read the changelog for those.