I'm focusing on gamepad add-ons.
Do not hesitate to post your thoughts about how to improve gamepad experience!
You can download the latest version(1.03) to have a great combination of Auto Category and Inventory Grid View!

Take a quick look:

This integration also fixed the icon issue in IGV that you cannot hover icon with your mouse.

Now this add-on is in release! Please download at:

Add-on Download URL

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RockingDice's Auto Category

Still worry about cleaning your inventory? Always full with items that you don't know how to deal with?

Having this add-on will make your life easier than ever!

  • Pre-defined rules and setting for beginners, download and use with no more settings. Just that easy!
  • A nice header is added for each custom category. Get a clear view of your inventory.
  • Auto integrate with all interfaces. Keyboard is fully supported. Gamepad with BetterUI is supported.
  • Fully customizable rules based on LUA, for advanced users you can categorize items as the way you want.
  • Use pre-defined or your own rules, applying them to your backpack/bank bag, it will refresh categories immediately without reloading.
  • Complete wiki for learning rules. Need more rules/Have great ideas/Need other add-on integration? Just request a new API!
  • Auto group for your set items without adding rules one by one.

You can find more rule details and examples in:
Auto Category's wiki

Try to hook keyboard's inventory, not bad but still needs a lot of works to do.
Next will try to add a new category 'all' for gamepad inventory, since it doesn't have a overall view of all items.

For Gamepad..

Now it supports BetterUI and original ui of Crafting/Store

This add-on can be used to group items as you wish. It's based on custom rules using LUA. You can set rules in the game and the rules will apply right now.

Rules are easy to learn and to use, I'll make a wiki for this add-on if it's finished.

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