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ID Feature Date By Status Notes
1521 slash commands 08/14/16 01:42 PM Scootworks Wont add Feature
By: sirinsidiator
08/14/16 02:25 PM
1523 Gamepad Support 08/18/16 08:52 PM Architecture Wont add Feature None.
1557 SlashCommandHelper.RegisterCommand or Global Access to LibSlashCommander without LibStub 10/25/16 05:04 PM BlackSwan Feature not possible
By: sirinsidiator
10/26/16 06:28 AM
ID Feature Date By Status Notes
1548 AD, DG, EP filter 10/12/16 10:10 AM Scootworks Wont add Feature None.
1553 Prefix 10/19/16 12:56 AM Scootworks Feature Implemented None.
1630 Sort by unit price 11/08/17 02:21 AM Octopuss Feature Implemented None.
1733 Remove Quotes from Item Name Select List? 03/07/19 10:05 AM Marcus Under Review None.
1747 if possible to allow/not interfere with gamepad search option (aka leaving that option alive) 06/23/19 05:40 PM Nova7 Under Review None.