Just so everyone knows, I'm no longer playing ESO. I'm passing along all of the ownership of my addons to Harven who is a well established addon dev. Harven will be able to give the addons the proper care they need and add features that I haven't gotten around to messing with.

All-in-all this is a really good thing for anyone that use any of my Zolan addons. I have been neglecting them more than I'd like and putting them in the hands of someone that is excited about the game is just the right thing to do.

I hope you continue using and enjoying them and thanks for using them. I really enjoyed writing these addons and working with everyone.

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05/08/14 04:52 PM by: zolan
Figured it would be a good time to start up a portal, so here it is!

Lets start rockin' any bugs, feature requests or addon requests here.

Welcome to the new age of Zolan! Or something...