11/20/16 05:26 AM by: Werewolf Finds Dragon
If I'm going to be banned so I can't even make emergency updates to my addons when necessary (I wasn't going to do serious work on them any more, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to update them in case of emergency), then could you please delete my account? I don't want my addons bringing harm to people. I don't think it's cool or 'funny' to disable a disabled person's account without notification. Though anyone with autism and anxiety disorder will be pretty used to this discrimination.

So if I can't update my addons in case of breakage to at least make sure they keep working, could you just delete the account? I have no way of contacting administration to ask for this. I know why this has happened, though. I snapped at sirinsidiator for being abrasive and patronising when I asked for help, since I do have anxiety (which I pointed out when I opened the thread asking for help).

Sorry for this whole mess, anyway.

Edit: Plus, it's really kind of nasty to keep someone's work available but not allow the actual person who made the content access to it. If you're absolutely going to keep my account locked down, please delete my addons. Thank you.

Edit II: To everyone else? Look out for my work on Curse. Including an updated BugCatcher.