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Craft Bag Extended
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1777 Opening mail window 07/14/16 08:39 PM Dolgubon Fixed
By: silvereyes
07/14/16 10:34 PM
1778 Spamming guild bank craft bag deposit action causes items to get stuck in backpack 07/15/16 10:05 PM silvereyes Fixed
By: silvereyes
07/15/16 10:06 PM
1780 Inventory craft bag menu bar positioning broken after using guild bank 07/17/16 12:18 AM silvereyes Fixed None.
1781 lua error message as guild bank closes due to inactivity 07/17/16 06:00 AM Baertram Fixed
By: silvereyes
07/17/16 08:22 AM
1793 Advanced Filters compatibility 08/03/16 07:49 AM silvereyes Fixed None.
1794 Inventory info bar remains on craft bag 08/03/16 10:17 AM silvereyes Fixed
By: silvereyes
08/06/16 11:23 AM
1798 Awesome Guild Store craft bag keybinds broken 08/06/16 11:24 AM silvereyes Fixed
By: silvereyes
08/06/16 04:14 PM
Postmaster Mail
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1786 Cannot return COD messages to sender with "Take All skips COD" feature enabled 07/25/16 09:24 AM silvereyes Already Reported
By: silvereyes
07/25/16 02:59 PM
1799 Take All stuck after switching to send mail tab 08/07/16 10:13 AM silvereyes Fixed None.
Quality Sort
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
1790 Clickable area of Quality header overlaps that of Name header 07/29/16 11:25 PM silvereyes Fixed None.