Welcome to Vicster's Portal!
Update 12 - [v0.5.1] - Patch
  • Fixed RA integration problems when player doesn't have RA installed.
  • Added minimal padding option for default tooltips. Removed the gap at the bottom of Tooltips that could be considered a waste of space. The option can be found in the Inventory Insight settings under the Tooltips sub menu. NOTE: This affects all default item and popup tooltips, not just those impacted by Inventory Insight. Please keep this in mind when enabling this feature.
  • Added minimal padding option for Inventory Insight tooltips. Same location as above but only affects the IN2 tooltips.
  • Added a "bank" only options to the dropdown list in the Inventory Frame.
  • Added support for items in the loot window. (PLEASE report any areas in the default UI that you would like Inventory Insight support and it is not already there. )
Update 11 - [v0.5.0] - Major Release!
  • Included the Media Provider Library
  • Added options for different fonts and font sizes to default and custom tooltips.
  • Added options for different fonts and font sizes for inventory frame list.
  • Added hiding custom tooltip when there is no info to be shown.
  • Added optional aged guild data notification - when turned on it will not spam you as it did in the last version. It only fires when the guild bank is 5 days or older and only when you first load or after a /reloadui.
  • Added Research Assistant (By Ingeniousclown) support! Access the options in the integrations submenu in the options menu.
  • Added options for RA integration icons on custom tooltip with multiple icons to choose from!
  • Restructured the options menu.
  • Revamped custom tooltip functionality - Optimized code.
Update 9 - [v0.4.0] - Major Release!
  • Added feature: Persistent Inventory Frame location between sessions.
  • Added feature: Minimize/Maximize for the undocked Inventory Frame, also persistent for each scene and between sessions. (Note: docked frame can still be re-sized to your liking.)
  • Added feature: Key-binding support. Nothing extremely special but a couple of quick binds to show/hide or show/hide in current scene.
  • Added some pizzazz to the InventoryFrame. Rounded some edges (figuratively) and added some uniqueness.
  • Added feature: Quick remove from scene button on Inventory Frame
  • Added feature: Lock/Unlock button to the undocked InventoryFrame to prevent accidentally moving if you want to keep in place. (Persistent location DOES NOT require the frame to be locked.)
  • Addressed an issue where the IN2 Tooltip would crowd the default tooltips if pushed to the top or bottom of the scree. The IN2 tooltip will now auto-sense this and relocate to either the top or bottom.
  • Added feature: Old guild bank data alert when viewing guild banks and 'i' information icon in Inventory Frame now highlights the Last Collected date and time based on age. Orange if > 1 day old and Red if > 5 days.
Update 8 - [v0.3.1] - Patch
  • Updated to the latest revision of LibAddonMenu (Thanks Seerah!!)
  • Added support for cleaning up old data. A new Data Management section can be found in the options where character and guild bank data can be deleted manually from your saved data in the event you have deleted a character or left a guild.
  • Added more items to the drop down list in the inventory frame to separate the several types of data that is collected!
  • Added an option to turn of guild data collection. NOTE: Guilds will still show up in the Inventory Frame until you delete them after turning this option off!
  • Started to address a client crash bug due to the sorting algorithm when the dropdown item selected is 'All'. The default 'Name' sort head is no set to OFF to avoid crashes. BE WARNED!! If you have a number of guilds using the header sort may crash your client! This is still be actively investigated and I hope to have a fix ASAP! Stay tuned.
Update 7 - [v0.3.0] - Major Release!
  • Added guildbank support! (Shout out to @myzt who supported and funded this feature! Thanks for everything man! )
  • Added Sorting by Name in the Inventory Frame! [FR243]
  • Addressed a conflict with Wykkyd's OutFitter addon. Added optional dependency to this addon and and option to relocate his frame to the top of the character apparel section if you wish to. If the addon is detected an option will be available to enable/disable the relocation of the Gear Outfitter in the settings menu.
  • Cleaned up the interface and added some style!