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08/31/15 11:17 PM by: Halja
There are four new emotes:
  • pie
  • soupbowl
  • smallbread
  • meal

English, German, and French clients have the same number of emotes again.
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03/09/15 09:23 PM by: Halja
The emote lists between the languages is out of synchronization again. The French and German clients have one more emote than English version. The ZOS id is 107 /prov. The animation is the wooden spoon and bowl of cooking. I have adjusted the localizations file to compensate.
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03/04/15 12:30 AM by: Halja
I had to make a couple adjustment to the API 100011. ZOS changed a few f(x) names. The update includes Category filter list and more key binds. There is a dropdown filter on the emote listings window. You now can key bind your 10 favorite emote selection to a single key press if you like to.
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09/17/14 09:51 AM by: Halja
I have been on the road but get home tonight. There were no changes required when I tested with 1.4.2 on PTS. So, I still think increasing the API number is all that has to be done for 1.4.3 release. I'll verify that for EN/DE/FR languages and get it posted.
sorry for the delay,
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08/04/14 07:42 PM by: Halja
Patch 1.3.3 brings 28 new emotes!
13 dance style by race /dance<race>
/attention --Standing at the ready
/drink3 --Drink from bottle
/eat4 --Eating soup from bowl
/idle2 --Parade rest pose (military)
/idle3 --shoulder drooped
/idle4 --Chest puffed out (Bolstered)
/idle5 --Hero pose