Welcome. A bit about me:

What can I say? I'm a lady who loves games I'm a SQL/SharePoint dev with a background in network/infrastructure by day, and I dabble in other code when I can.

I've been a fan of Elder Scrolls since the Daggerfall days, though I started really playing a lot in the days of Oblivion. I play a lot of video games in general. I've been playing ESO since closed beta (proud Psijic Order member ) and I love the community.

I'm one of the forum admins on Elder Scrolls Alliance which is a community of players and guilds within ESO. I'm part of a group of about 50 guild leaders and addons devs called Council of Nirn that regularly meets with the ZOS developers to give direct feedback on the game as well.

I'm a member of a couple awesome guilds on the NA server, and I mainly focus on addons that center around guild management, though I'll try my hand at most anything.
FYI, for questions/issues/updates on addons, or to catch up with me, I've got a Discord -, or if that's not your thing, Twitter as well - Trying to centralize updates on stuff I'm working on.
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08/06/17 08:22 PM by: calia1120
Working on updates for addons ahead of the Horns of the Reach update, been hiding on PTS, so stay tuned!