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05/23/17 02:12 AM by: WidgetInteractive
We just pushed an update for Scholar that brings a new module and support for Morrowind, and simultaneously passed a milestone. Thanks for over 800 downloads!
Thanks to feedback (and testing) from a few of our users, we've got a new release of Scholar for you, and it's the biggest update we've pushed yet! Check out what we've changed below:
  1. Added: Support for custom timer notification sounds
  2. Added: Slash command to set custom unofficial notification sounds
  3. Added: Per-skill color options
  4. Added: Ability to lock the position of the UI
  5. Added: Option to display completed or remaining percentage instead of time remaining
  6. Improved: Handling of enabling account-wide settings for the first time
  7. Fixed: Bug which caused traits to be improperly identified in certain instances
  8. Fixed: Minor typo in "Carry Capacity"

Keep sending us your ideas (and not just specific to timers... what ELSE can we make Scholar do?), and we'll keep adding new functionality!

Also... We're actively working on another super secret ESO mod, but we want to do more! What other mods are currently missing? What exists, but could be done better? Let us know!
Release 1.2.0 is out and, thanks to a few awesome suggestions from one of our users, we're bringing you a bunch more flexibility to how training timers are displayed, and we've got even more coming soon! Seriously though... go download it!
Just pushed Scholar 1.1.1 which is a tiny bugfix to fix the chat notification option!
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04/28/17 01:05 PM by: WidgetInteractive
I know that there's a bug with the 'Chat' notification setting. If you want to use notifications, the Announcement type works. I'll get an update out ASAP!