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09/20/15 05:20 AM by: jlahtela
All ZeroUI addon settings can now enabled / disabled via addon settings section.
All future features will be also available there.
ZeroUI is now set to depend on LibAddonMenu-2.0 and it will be automatically loaded when ZeroUI is loaded.

So previous "bug" is now fixed.
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08/23/15 05:56 AM by: jlahtela
I noticed minor bug on ZeroUI.
If you do not have any other addon in use what would use same "options libraries" it will cause load error, because libraries are only optional on ZeroUI.

Fix should be easy and I try to release fix in coming days.

So workaround for this bug is that you can example also load skyshard addon and then also ZeroUI works.
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08/22/15 09:09 AM by: jlahtela
Welcome to ZeroUi new author portal!

ZeroUI is ment to just do small change / improvements for ESO UI.
Mostly idea is to use ESO original graphics and just bring more info or alter behavior of UI.
Also part of the idea is not force everyone use all features what are in ZeroUI and everything can be disabled or enabled from settings. So if you see some feature what you would like to have you can just use that and disable others.
However at the moment everything is on, but when I get options to work I release version 1.0.0 and after that every feature would be available to disable from options.

If you are using ZeroUI or would just have idea what could be improved on ESO UI, submit feature request and I might some day implement that feature!
Also if you find bug let me know about it so I can fix it!.

I do not promise any fast development and I make improvements / features time to time.
Releases probably will be small and hopefully often.

Let's see how it goes and all feedback and contribution is welcome!