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04/27/15 06:57 AM by: manavortex
You are most likely here because one of my AddOns isn't activating properly due to missing dependencies.
You need to download and install the following libraries:

Name of the library     What does it do?               
---------------------    -------------------------------------------------
LibStub           It ensures that other libraries can be loaded
LibAsync           Makes sure that your client doesn't freeze while FurnitureCatalogue is filtering or updating data
LibAddonMenu        Generates the pretty menu you find when you go to Settings/AddOns
LibCustomMenu        Allows adding entries to the right-click menu

How do I do that?
You can either find the libraries via minion or download them manually. Treat them as just another addOn.

Attention: When installing manually, make sure that there are no nested folders - that is, a folder with a folder with the library.

Right:  AddOns\LibStub
Wrong:  AddOns\LibStub\LibStub

Why do I have to do that?

These addOns are libraries. A library contains code functionality that the addOn needs to work. Without the libraries, there will be a lot of errors.

I didn't need to do that before

The libraries were used to be included in the addOn directory. However, that ended up in every addOn installing a separate copy. Due to updates in Minion and the way ESO handles dependencies, it is now easier for you to keep a single copy that is kept up-to-date together with everything else instead of one copy per addOn in fifty states of outdated.