Welcome to my portal.
01/30/15 03:33 AM by: circonian
I am currently working on WaypointIt.

It creates a scroll list (like your inventory) with information about pins (locations) on your map. (you have to have them discovered, if they dont show on your map, they wont show in WaypointIt.

It allows you to easily find what your looking for and easily set a waypoint by clicking on the button.

See the Waypoint it page for more information (click on WaypointIt on the right).
12/07/14 03:53 PM by: circonian
I am currently working on FilterIt.
See the link under Content to the right for information.

Work planned after that: TweakIt, an addon with random tweaks to improve the game. It will contain several small tweaks like replacing "Repair All" when visiting a merchant with "Repair Equipped". Adding a gold price to the "Sell All Junk" keybind strip. One click Improvements bypassing the confirmation window, Show your hero doll while banking, show bank anywhere, 1 click logout, reloadui keybind, exc...
Basically it contains a bunch of small improvements that, although they are all available in random addons, do you really want to install some entire other addon to do who knows what just to get a reloadui keybind, or to get "Repair All" keybind strip replaced with "Repair Equipped" ?
11/23/14 10:57 PM by: circonian
I am signing off & will be out of town for about a week for thanksgiving. I will try to check in when I can to see if there are any problems or questions.
07/28/14 10:45 PM by: circonian
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