Hey guys, with any luck I hope to stay fairly active for the immediate future.

I've been coding for about 4 years now and decided to delve into Addons with some level of commitment as a result of this eso thread.

I updated my KillCounter installation to simply display data on Wardens, and instead I wound up poking around and re-writing a rather non-trivial portion of the Addon functionality over the next couple weeks. I then added a new feature here and there, fixed some functionality which was never quite completed, contacted the original author and got authorization to update the official Addon portal!

My biggest problem with coding has always been what to actually do with my coding ability. I eventually came up with the Bot Scanner idea, and I'm going to run with that for a while.

If you have any ideas to pitch for either Kill Counter or Bot Scanner, feel free to let me know!

Please download and favorite either or both Addons because it makes me look and feel more important than I am