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08/22/19 01:56 AM by: cOOLsp0T
Hi Fans of my Loot Manager,

Version Update 1.5 is out now and it has changed a lot. Loot Manager has now a special Thief Mode implemented which prevents you from accidently doing crimes like stealing & lockpicking. Also support for stolen Gold was added. A couple of Slashcommands was added to support the functionality of the Loot Manager and to externalize the Debug Options. You can now use custom Keybindings to controll a few options of CLM directly. The CLM Menu was redesigned and a few menu options can be deactivated.

Have Fun and stay tuned for the next version.
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08/17/19 03:15 AM by: cOOLsp0T
Hello people,

Loot Manager 1.3a is released and a lot of my experince in ESO LUA has advanced since I started to program this lovely addon.

You are now able to set a filter for health- stamina- & magicka potions. So you have not to buy or craft some when you are on a grinding session. Also can you set a filter for armor-, weapon- & jewelry glyphs and this per quality. On this update I also focused on support the lootable currencies to complete the lootchain.

Actually I will work on a better failsafe tactics. The actual failsafe function will not everytimes recognize the frame hickups which can occur to the inventory, but Im sure to find a way to trick around.

I also think about to bind in a configuratable button to open the CLM Filter Options Menu directly.

So stay tuned, the Loot Manager gets better and better.
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