I am currently working on a complete overhaul to Isjusta Writ Helper.

Planned new features:
  • changed the writ panel to look more like the crafting result box.
  • dynamically sized writ panel. The writ panel height will be sized according to how many lines are in it.
  • scanning for "consumables" writs will be done on first load, reloading ui, at end of interaction if a new writ is acquired.
    Due to how smithing crafting information is built from the current station being used, those writs are scanned at first use of each smithing station.
  • the pre-station scan is used to create a list of items the writs need to be crafted and build a withdraw list for the bank if any of those needed items are in the bank.
  • turning in writs will automatically complete upon opening the corresponding turn-in chest.

When I am satisfied with it, I will release it as non-beta. This will require it to be added to a new ESOUI addon post.
06/21/20 03:54 PM by: IsJustaGhost
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