Welcome to my author portal! Here you can submit bugs into this nice bug tracker You can also submit requests for new features. If it happens that you have some very cool idea for a new addon you can share it with me and maybe I will consider it worth implementing. In this case feel free to submit a new feature request in the "Miscellaneous" category and describe your idea.
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02/18/15 08:21 AM by: Harven
There are lots of changes in the upcoming 1.6 update. Most of them are transparent to my addons but unfortunetely not all. Here is the list of addons that will be discontinued with some explanations:
  • Stabled Mounts - Your mounts are moved to the collections and all share the same statistics,
  • Provisioning Tooltips - Revamped provisioning system is now much simpler: there is no alliance distinction and much less ingredients. Ingredients are not bound to specific level of produced food. Listing of all recipes in which an ingredient is used will not fit into the items tooltip.

Those were sad new, but there is also a change that will extend the functionallity of FPP Zoom addon. Thanks to it you will be able to dynamically change your fov (zoom) with one keypress while playing in third person perspective (so the name FPP Zoom will be somewhat misleading).

For those who like to have all addons settings in one place I'm pleased to introduce Harven's AS to LAM Adapter. It will cause all my addons setting to automagically jump into LibAddonMenu options page. But if you prefer HAS look and feel, there's HAS to LAM adapter on the way

And finally there is one new addon: Stolen Filter, which you may find useful with the introduction of justice system. It will allow you to easily see all the stolen items in your inventory.
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08/08/14 04:25 AM by: Harven
I canceled my ESO subscription because I'm leaving my country for two weeks. I have one day of game time remainig and then I will leave at August 15. When I come back at August 30 I will probably miss ESO and renew my subscription but that's not for sure. Maybe I will take a longer break from ESO. I think there will be no game update while I'm away and I'm sure I will renew my subscription before another update. Have a nice play time
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07/14/14 02:17 AM by: Harven
All of you eyes candy lovers should check my newest addon Dwemer Clock, which was made in cooperation with my talented wife Maja. It's just a clock but looks really nice.
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07/09/14 02:55 AM by: Harven
I forgot to mention that I made two new addons: FPP Zoom and House Hunter. Hope you will enjoy them!
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07/03/14 02:39 PM by: Harven
I just made another simple addon that will add inventory space counter to the loot window. I had to move "Take" button below "Take all" to make some space for the new control. I also made the loot window background slightly taller. Grab the addon here