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ESO Emoji
Version: 0.4.1
by: kitkathy1994, M0R
EMOJI! In your own game! What are you going to do?

Required Dependencies:
What does it do?
This add-on will convert any emoji it detects into a fully beautiful emoji icon in your chat!
It shows you the emoji in regular chat as well as in your chat textbox. Please note that
ESO Emoji is currently in version 0.4.1 - that means it is still a work in progress! Expect
many bugs and errors to come up, and if you find any please let me know! You can reach
me in game (PCNA) at @BosmeriPride.

Can anyone see the emoji?
The base game of ESO allows you to send emoji just fine! However, the receiving client doesn't
really know what to do with it, and so it just shows up as many empty boxes instead. ESO
Emoji simply reads those boxes and shows the correct emoji icon in its place!

How do I use it?
To view emoji, ESO Emoji is plug-and-play! Just having it installed will allow you to see your
favourite emoji.
To send emoji yourself there are three main ways:
  • [1] You can choose to copy and paste an emoji from the internet directly! Most emoji will work!
  • [2] If you enable shortcodes in the settings, you can get a suggestion popup when typing shortcodes for emoji like `:smile:`. Due to limitations of addons in ESO, you will not be able to select the popup option with the Entre key. Instead, select the option you want with a mouse click or by pressing Tab.
  • [3] You can use the Windows' Emoji Picker function.
    • Make sure to open your game's chat and be ready to type.
    • Press the Windows key and the Period key ([⊞ Win] + [.]) to open the emoji picker.
    • While the emoji picker is open, things you type (denoted with a dotted underline) are not entered in chat and are instead used to search for an emoji.
    • Either use the mouse to click on the emoji you want, or use the arrow keys and [Enter] to paste the emoji into the chat.
    • Press [Esc] to close the emoji picker and return to typing regularly in chat!
Once you have entered your emoji into chat, you can send your emoji-filled chat message as regular!

Does this work for every emoji?
Not quite. Turns out, there are a lot of variants and stuff. ESO Emoji currently works with most
widely used emoji, including several variants of varying skin colours! If the emoji you entered
is not supported, the regular boxes will be displayed instead.

Did you make all of these cute icons?
I did not! All standard emoji icons used in this add-on are from! They are 100%
free to download and use provided you abide by the Creative Commons Share Alike License 4.0
(CC BY-SA 4.0).
All icons used have been edited to be in *.DDS format, but otherwise are unchanged from did not produce or endorse the creation of this project or its use.
*NEW* Twemoji is now an option! Twemoji is the emoji style commonly found on Discord and Twitter apps! Select it in the settings drop down menu if you prefer a different style.

Are there any custom emoji available?
Not as of the current version (0.4.1). Though that is planned for a future release!
ESO Emoji v0.4.1 ------------------------------
- Fixed an issue with custom guild links causing a UI error.
- Updated OpenMoji Icons to include newer emoji (Some might not yet be useable if they were were not part of the unicode standard at the time of this addon's original release).
- Fixed an issue with Autocomplete suggestions not working correctly.
- Fixed an issue with the 👍 and 👎 emoji not working when using shortcodes.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the autocomplete from working when adding shortcodes in the middle of the message.
- Updated API version for Scions of Ithelia DLC

ESO Emoji v0.4.0 ------------------------------
- Reworked back end emoji code - it is now safer and has better privacy!
- Added shortcode functionality
- Added auto-complete suggestions for shortcodes
- Added Settings panel using LibAddonMenu2
- Added new selectable Emoji style: Twemoji! (Used by Discord and Twitter)
- Added Chatbar and various gui elements to the chat (toggleable in settings)
- Updated saved variables to better customise user experience
- Updated API version

ESO Emoji v0.3.24 ----------(HOTFIX)----------
- Updated API version to 101039
- Fixed a bug with PvP kill feed notifications.

ESO Emoji v0.3.23 ------------------------------
- Fixed an issue with emojis containing FE0F characters not displaying. Many now work as they should!
- Fixed UI errors occurring when modifier emojis are read without having a pre-requisite emoji to attach to.
- Added support for country flags!

ESO Emoji v0.3.11 ------------------------------
- First public beta release!
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