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Updated: 03/04/20 05:47 AM
Patch for:
Loot Log.
Harrowstorm (5.3.5)
Updated:03/04/20 05:47 AM
Created:03/04/20 05:47 AM
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LootLog LibChatMessage  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.1.13
by: wambo [More]
This is an small Update that changes the function that LootLog uses to print to the chat.
This uses the LibChatMessage Library which replaces the System Message command which is meant for debugging purposes and the likes.

This version depends on the Library LibChatMessage, so make sure to install and activate it.
Moved the Patch to outdated, since the original addon has been rewritten which makes this patch useless.
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Unread 03/05/20, 03:13 AM  
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It is not a library, I put the name of the Library in the name so it would be easy to recognize what the patch does. It is stated in the description that it utilizes a library which needs to be installed.

Depending on feedback from the addon author I might delete this patch, I'm not planning to make a fork.
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Unread 03/04/20, 10:11 PM  

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Arrow Is this file an add-on or a library??

If this file is a library, then its name should begin with the three characters "Lib" or "lib". Else, it will be loaded as an add-on, without any description of what it does on the ESOUI website Addon Info tab.
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