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Pale Order Tracker
Version: 1.0
by: Phinix [More]
Hi all, Iím back and working on addons again. Times are tough and I am desperately in need of financial support at the moment dealing with disability due to a bleeding brain cavernoma and other expenses on less than $600 monthly fixed income. If anyone can help, or knows anyone that can help, or can possibly feature some of my work on their stream to help drive support my way, I would be immensely grateful. It will help me to continue to bring cool content and updates to you all!

Pale Order Tracker

(Click your flag to translate the page. Addon includes in-game support for all listed languages.)


Made by personal request, this addon will display a customizable indicator when you equip the Ring of the Pale order, show it's relative power based on the number of players you group with, and optionally indicate whether group members have the ring equipped to help alert healers.

NOTE FOR SRENDARR USERS: The latest version of Srendarr has personal Pale Order tracking built-in (including the percent power based on group size)! However if you wish to track Pale Order on group members, you can download this addon and optionally disable it's tracker in favor of Srendarr's while still using it to keep track of group members (which Srendarr doesn't do).

Group tracking will anchor an icon next to group/raid frames and supports the default frames, Foundary Tactical Combat, LUI, Bandit's User Interface, and AUI. (NOTE: Group detection is not 100% but should be mostly reliable, based on party member's installed supporting addons.

Human translations needed! (Feel free to PM me if you can help.)


Gold donations are always welcome!
PC NA: @IllusoryID

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I was just thinking last night about making an addon to alert me if I'm wearing the ring when I join a group (after an embarrassing vBC2 run). Now I don't have to!
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